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Top Lawyers for Truck Drivers in case of Accidents and other Legal Advice

Lawyers for Truck Drivers in case of Accidents

Accidents in Romania and traffic infractions can happen even to the most experienced trucker.

If you need a trucker attorney in Romania, you have to choose the one who knows your business and understands what issues you may face.

Besides, truckers drive larger and more dangerous vehicles that can inflict more damage and more severe injuries than most other vehicles. Other than exhaustion and careless driving, even an unbalanced load can be the cause of the accident.

Accidents involving trucks often result in high medical bills, loss of property, and, in some cases, wrongful death. It’s entirely possible that anyone involved in a highway vehicle accident is going to be deemed partly responsible. Although the truck driver is often liable for the accident, only a thorough investigation can determine precisely what happened.

Hiring a truck driver attorney who has experience in dealing with these cases and the trucking industry is crucial since there are several potential parties at fault in accidents that involve trucks. Your truck lawyer from Romania should also have experience in handling wrongful death cases to get proper compensation for the family.



Commercial truck and tractor-trailer accidents can be far more devastating and complicated than a regular car crash.

Other ways truck accidents can differ from car crashes include:

  • Multiple parties can be held responsible: In a typical car accident in Romania, both drivers can be held responsible. But in a trucking accident, there could be various parties besides the driver, such as the trucking company, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and the company that loaded the vehicle.

  • Insurance policies are larger for tractor trailers: Truck insurance is larger than your average car insurance policy. This means insurance adjusters will do everything in their power to make sure the fault lies on the car driver’s shoulders to prevent a huge payout.

  • Injuries are more severe: The larger the vehicle, the more likely the accident injuries will be greater. This leads to extensive medical bills, life-changing injuries, and possible death.



Oradea Law firm – Montenegro Cristina offers you consultancy in the field of transport law consisting of:

  • Draft transport contracts, insurance contracts for persons and goods
  • Consultancy in labor disputes regarding the daily allowance of TIR drivers in Romania
  • Representation at processes at the Oradea Court
  • Lawyer Alesd provides assistance with the development, drafting, negotiation, execution, and termination of various types of contracts in the field of transport (forwarding truck contracts, transport contracts, insurance contracts for goods, persons, etc.);
  • Bihor lawyers offer services for obtaining licenses, certificates, transport certificates, registration in the Register of Intra-Community Operators
  • Salonta lawyer offers support to the carriers at the Alesd Court for not executing the transport contracts;
  • Transport lawyer Oradea legal assistance offers consulting on car leasing contracts;
  • Lawyer Marghita will help to contest the minutes of the contravention regarding the Road Code, ADR, CMR
  • Lawyer of Oradea appeals against the minutes from the Bors Customs regarding the blocking of the goods in customs and the recovery of the damages created;
  • Salonta lawyer for road damage as a result of road or rail accidents;



Good commercial agreements are important. How do you ensure that your rights are adequately safeguarded and that you have access to redress? Our Romanian lawyers will be happy to assist you in drawing up framework agreements, payment conditions, the incorporation of security in your contracts (such as retention of title), delivery conditions (such as appropriate Incoterms), and drawing up a conclusive set of sales and delivery conditions or purchase conditions. If you wish to terminate or dissolve a commercial agreement, our Romanian lawyers in Romania will help you. Not all transports run smoothly.

If there is a kink in the cable somewhere, the damage can be enormous. Our Romanian attorney responds quickly, has a large international network at their disposal, and is ready to assist you immediately.

Imagine the risk of bankruptcy or a business relationship that is damaged because you cannot deliver anymore. Possibilities for redress can become immediately important with questions such as: whether you can still recover your goods, whether you are still the owner. If you can still seize your property in Romania to build in as many securities as possible in an uncertain period of time? Our Romanian lawyers are used to answering these questions and have sound knowledge of the truck law. When something is wrong due to transport, discussions often arise about liability for consequential damage, such as loss of profit. This is due to products not completely or not properly arriving at their destination. This raises questions about the applicable general terms and conditions and which conditions take precedence (purchase conditions or conditions of sale)? Also, who has to prove the extent of the damage?

TRANSILVANIA LAWYERS have a great deal of experience in such matters and understand the interests of both parties better than anyone else.

Avocat Montenegro Cristina Elena

Avocat Montenegro Cristina Elena

Peste 14 ani experiență în domeniile: bancar, comercial și penal. Cabinetul de Avocatură Montenegro Oradea se remarcă prin colaborările de lungă durată, bazate pe încredere şi profesionalism atât cu persoane fizice cât şi cu persoane juridice.

Avocat Montenegro Cristina Elena

Avocat Montenegro Cristina Elena

Peste 14 ani experiență în domeniile: bancar, comercial și penal. Cabinetul de Avocatură Montenegro Oradea se remarcă prin colaborările de lungă durată, bazate pe încredere şi profesionalism atât cu persoane fizice cât şi cu persoane juridice.

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